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Note: This pool is under construction and will be announced when ready.

To start mining enter (you must use C++ ethminer)

ethminer -F -G

Where address is your Ethereum address, worker is your worker name and mh is your approximate mh/s (round to the nearest mh). For example:

ethminer -F -G

Pool address is: 0xbeef281b81d383336aca8b2b067a526227638087

We are running geth 1.3.5

Payouts every 24hr (~8am & ~8pm AEST) after your balance is more than 1 ether, 0.01 ether tx fee

0.8% pool fee, 0% fee first two week!

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Pool Info

Total Pool Hashrate
0 Mh/s
Total Pool Shares
Total Pool Balance
0.01 ETH
Last Payout
08:00 19/03/2016

Active Miners

Address Mh/s (Rough Estimate)
0xbeef281b81d383336aca8b2b067a526227638087 10